Physical Specifications

Technical Specifications For CF panel model Pre Fabricated Structure (Rooms and Cabins)

Size Any size as required
Shape and Design Any design or shape desired (Client’s choice)
Interior Applications Ultra Modern (most suitable for study rooms, conference halls, high class offices, class room, hostel, bed rooms and guest rooms etc.)
Mainly Frame Hollow Steel Pipe Framing 38x38 mm, 58x58 mm , 48x48 mm (Detachable) with bracing
Outer Wall 06, 08,10 or 12 mm thick CF covered with epoxy and P.U. texture coating.
Insulation/Acoustic Thermo Cal/Glass/Mineral Wool/ Puff ( if desired i.e. Optional) can withstand -20o C to +70o C very easily.
Temperature Can withstand -10o C to +70o C very easily.
Inner walls 06, 08,10 or 12 mm thick CF covered with epoxy and P.U. Plain shades. Laminated (both side) CF walls (Color Natural Teak or Plain shades as desired).
Roofing Both side Pre painted galvanized Iran sheet inter lockable cross waivy roofing profile in Sloping/Hut/Pyramid/Plane shape (Insulated) with 8/9 feet clear height inside.
False Ceiling 12.5mm thick Gypsum board false ceiling Ornamental Teak finish/Laminated CF False Ceiling with insulation with ornamental cornices on top and concealed brass spotlights.
Doors/Windows Flush door both side mica or paint including all necessary fitment or Wall finish flush doors with powder coated Aluminium hardware and Aluminium sliding windows and UPVC door & windows with accessories
Location of Doors/ Windows Wherever desired (as per choice of owner).Door and Window Ratio: One per 110 sq.ft.
Dismantling and Reassembling Very easy and on very nominal rates. The components can be easily transported to any difficult terrain and erected/ dismantled very fast with ordinary tools requiring no high skills
Lighting Concealed brass fittings with Anchor Switches and Sockets with concealed copper wiring (Wherever desired by the owner) in ratio of One point per 20 sq.ft. ( Fan, Cooler, A.C. to be supplied by Client if desired )
Paint Exterior with textured, waterproof and fire resistant polymer coatings, interior with Oil Bound distemper in inner walls.
Frame work of floor base The floor shall be made by mainly Boiling Water Proof grade marine plyboard (12mm) or 12mm or 19 mm CF Panel. ms steel frame platform & floor will be treated with wood preservative & anti-termite chemicals
Level above ground The entire structure shall be raised above the ground by 6 to 8″ or more using steel supports (iron joints).
kitchen/Toilet Luxurious Ceramic Tiles in floors/Laminated Acrylic Bakelite walls lining in bathrooms of required shade with white (color optional) toilet fixtures including concealed G.I. and C.I. Pipe lining