Advantage of APCC Prefabricated Structure



Prefabricated Structures (Porta cabin) feature several advantages over traditional “stick-built” and block construction. Prefab Structures (Porta cabin offices) are engineered for easy installation and relocation the structural while providing integrity and strength of conventional construction.

A summary of the advantages of Pre- Engineered construction are listed below.


The wall panels and framework are pre-finished creating a system which is 100% reusable. This makes modifying and expanding existing Prefab Structures ( porta cabin ) quick and easy. Once installed PORTACABIN can be moved any other within short time.


The wall panels and framework are pre-finished creating a system which is 100% reusable. This makes modifying and expanding existing offices quick and easy. Once installed PORTACABIN can be moved any other within short time.

The walls and framework ship pre-finished and cut to size allowing for quick installation with minimal disruption to the surrounding workspace.

  • Very tough, durable & very attractive, aesthetical elegance with permanent finishes.
  • Design to resist high Wind pressure up to 200 Km/hr
  • Durable, Detachable and good strength
  • Durable, Detachable and good strength
  • Flat Insulated and elegant false ceiling inside.
  • Exclusive Automotive Duco coated French type doors & windows or UPVC
  • Water, Fire Resist & Earthquake proof.
  • Can be installed in the hours only
  • High class interiors of individual's choice.
  • Totally secured with grills & locking devices.
  • Italian type decorative Pelmets/Pillars/Sun Shades etc.
  • Total concealed copper wiring with concealed light fixtures.
  • Insulated highest prefabricated cabins on hills.
  • Guaranteed for Sixteen years for any manufacturing defects etc.
  • Largest Network & Approach even in Remotest Areas.
  • Crane mounted Bunk Houses, Containers also available in ready stock.
  • Long-lasting, durable and safe.
  • Design flexibility
  • Seismic and fire resistance
  • Less expansive
  • Quick Construction
  • Quality Finishes
  • Turnkey Construction
  • Easy of maintainability
  • Stylish, contemporary & innovative design
  • Outstanding insulation for year-round thermal comfort
  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly build
  • Moveable/transportable structures
  • Can be legally classed as ‘temporary’ (depending on the model)
  • Fully recyclable at the end of its lifetime (Prefabricated Structures can be recycled again and again if required)
  • Prefabricated Structure requires minimal foundation requirement because of their lesser weight.
  • It involves very less construction time as compared to civil work.
  • Self-supporting, ready to use components are used, which greatly reduces the requirement of shuttering and scaffolding.
  • Construction time is reduced and buildings are completed sooner, allowing an earlier return of the capital invested.
  • Prefabricated Structures produces very less waste as compared to civil work.


Prefabricated construction is becoming more common, improving in quality and has become available in a variety of budgets. Despite the perception of prefabrication, there are numerous benefits to this type of construction. This article assesses the advantages that prefabricated construction presents for both businesses and customers.

  • Reduced Construction time: When the foundation is being built in site, the structural members are simultaneously fabricated in industries. Since the erection time is also less it results in the early completion of the structure
  • Less Manpower at Site: Most of the work in a PEB construction is done in the industries thus the requirement of manpower at the site is very less comparatively
  • Reduction in Cost: Since both materials and manpower is minimized the overall cost of construction is reduced
  • Flexibility in Design: Modular construction can be easily be disassembled and relocated to different sites. This significantly reduces the demand for raw materials, minimizes expended energy and decreases time overall. The steel structural members are designed in software and is fabricated with machines, thus desired shape can be achieved without any compromise. Hence the PEB can be architecturally versatile
  • Scope for Future Expansion: Since bolted connections are only used, the length wise expansion in a PEB becomes more evident
  • Low Maintenance: Modern metal finishes and coatings will help the steel panels to resist corrosion, chemical attack etc., and also the steel surfaces can be easily repaired if damaged.
  • Seismic Resistance: The super structure made of steel is light in weight and flexible enough to offer greater resistance to seismic waves when compared to conventional concrete structures.Consistent Quality Since prefabricated construction occurs in a controlled manufacturing environment and follows specified standards, the sub-assemblies of the structure will be built to a uniform quality.
  • Consistent Quality: Since prefabricated construction occurs in a controlled manufacturing environment and follows specified standards, the sub-assemblies of the structure will be built to a uniform quality.
  • Reduced Site Disruption: Since many components of a building are completed in the factory, there is significantly less truck traffic, equipment and material suppliers around the final construction site. This limits the disruption of traditional jobsites that suffer from noise, pollution, waste and other common irritants.
  • Shorter Construction Time: Portable construction takes significantly less time to build than on-site construction. In many instances, prefabrication takes less than half the time when compared to traditional construction. This is due to better upfront planning, elimination of on-site weather factors, subcontractor scheduling delays and quicker fabrication as multiple pieces can be constructed simultaneously.
  • Safety: Since sub-assemblies are created in a factory-controlled environment utilizing dry materials, there is less risk for problems associated with moisture, environmental hazards and dirt. This ensures that those on the construction site, as well as a project’s eventual tenants are less likely to be exposed to weather-related health risks.
  • Final Thoughts: With the continued popularity of prefabricated construction, it is likely that it will only continue to grow in popularity. Customers who choose this option are able to enjoy a high quality, quicker, cost-effective, and eco-friendly construction method.

Design options

It is possible to apply all types of construction designs to APCC Prefab modular buildings. Local features and personal tastes can be easily incorporated into the design of the construction. Latest technology used for designing which reduces time and errors.

Excellent Seismic Properties

APCC Prefab Modular Steel Construction being light and elastic makes it more flexible to the lateral forces for earthquake. In Seismic Zones our Modular steel buildings are the very safest choice.

Heat and sound insulation

At APCC Prefab we make sure that all our Wall, floor and roof sections are filled with the optimum Insulation materials which provide superior heat and sound insulation when compared with traditional buildings.

Dry Surrounding Ecosystem

Due to the dry construction techniques of APCC Prefab Modular buildings, construction sites causes damage to the surrounding eco system. our timelines are not affected by adverse weather conditions.

Low Expenses

Buildings constructed with APCC Prefab modular technology are finished in a significantly shorter time compared with the conventional brick and mortar buildings; as a result the amount of workers on the construction site and general expenses of the site are reduced. The error margin is minimal to non-existent due to the latest technologies used in the construction.

Wide range of finishing materials

The many possibilities of finishing materials that can be used. Modular construction have options to hide columns and beams. In the absence of columns and beams the buildings are looks much more aesthetic.

Construction speed

Structures made using APCC Prefab Modular Construction Technology are not affected by common construction problems such as labour issues, shortage of water and electricity etc. We deliver buildings in one third the time.


APCC Prefab modular buildings are durable constructions that you can use lifelong. Though pre-fabricated they are robust, durable structures meant to with-stand the test of time.


Ultimate architectural design can be achieved at low cost using standard architectural features and interface details.

Frequently Asked Questions by Client’s

Q. 1 What if I want to expand or move my existing PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES (PORTACABIN) to new place.

PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES ( PORTACABIN) modular design encompasses interchangeable components that allow for maximum flexibility. PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES ( PORTACABIN) can be dismantled, reconfigured and completely reassembled or moved in short time

Q. 2 What is the square foot cost of a PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES ( PORTACABIN ) portable Office/Room ?

The cost will vary depending on ceiling height, interior walls, and number of doors, windows, floor, without floor and other options.

Q.3 How long does it take to install a PORTACABIN?

Installation is quick, clean and easy. Typically, your office will be completely functional in one-sixth the time of permanent construction. You drastically reduce your down time with no mess, dust, or debris. Often, your PORTACABIN office can be installed in 24Hrs, ready for work Monday morning in a clean, quiet, comfortable environment.

Q. 4 Does PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES ( PORTACABIN) offer panel, color and equipment options?

PREFABRICATED STRUCTURES (PORTACABIN) offers a wide variety of options that allow you to select the combination of finishes, colors and materials that best suit your needs.