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School – A place where excellence is built.

A school is a place where thousands of dreams take birth. A place where little ones are nurtured every day to achieve what they have always dreamt of till they are ready. Keeping in mind the importance of the place APCC has built cost-effective and eco-friendly modular School buildings. These buildings are built with a vision of delivering high- quality rooms with quality infrastructural facilities.

Now India has many world class higher education institutions but primary education in rural and semi urban areas still need a lot of infrastructure and boosting to ensure the benefits of education reach the grassroots. Overcoming the impediments of time and cost in building schools and schoolrooms the conventional way, APCC prefabs offer the perfect alternative.

Quick installation of these structures is the most attractive feature of these prefab school structures. It helps in implementing schemes of multilateral agencies like the World Bank, ADB where speed of construction is of essence since the projects are time bound. APCC Prefab schools also come with additional facilities like Drinking Water facilities and Sanitation blocks.

The design of prefab school structures are so flexible that a single school room or an entire school for any number of students can be erected anywhere, even in the remotest corners of the world.

Our prefab school buildings can be designed to complement existing facilities or provide a modern appearance. We offer the solutions for modular prefab schools with structure and without structure for class rooms. There is no compromise on specification either: the flexibility, the load bearing capacity of the prefab school building, quality of panels etc. we offers the complete turnkey solutions for prefab school under one roof starting from designing, fabrication, production and till installation. While designing the prefab school building we consider factors like natural daylight, proper ventilation for fresh air. Moreover these prefab schools are constructed with insulated panels so these prefab schools are best suited to hot regions as well as cold regions too.

As per the requirements of the clients, we are engaged in providing Prefab school Building. This Prefab school Building is provided by our experienced team of professionals. They are capable to provide best services and products to clients and satisfy them in all possible manners. The Prefab school work is provided by us as per the requirements of the clients and we strive hard to complete the task in speculative time frame.

Advantages of Prefabricated classroom and school Building

Here we are going to list some important key features which will help you to get the clarification in your vision to choose APCC for Modular building manufacturer. The features you will be going to have are listed below so you check them out and decide on your own.

  • Earthquake resistant & designed for seismic zone V also
  • Designed for withstanding wind velocity of 150 kmph with a life of 50 years
  • Made of elements that can be carried to the site even without the use of mechanised vehicles
  • Modular constructions that can be extended easily with changing requirements
  • Excellent insulation due to sandwich construction
  • Maintenance free and 100% water proof
  • Fire proof, non-fatal and totally safe
  • Available in many standard sizes
  • Optional knockdown flooring whenever needed
  • Flexibility of expansion and re-location
  • Well furnished and finishing of school buildings
  • Inheriting the all required facility in our every manufactured building
  • Customization option will help you out to mold the use of the buildings as per your demand
  • Tested and weatherproof to stay erect firmly when the weather is bad outside
  • Adequate insulation which creates the difference of 5-7 degree in comparison of outside

These are the primary key features which you will have when you make your purchasing for the Prefabricated School Building . We also display the benefit which you will have with our manufactured buildings.


  • No harm of any natural resources, easy to erect and easy to dismantle
  • Custom Built & Pre-Engineered construction with insulated panels.
  • Prefab Schools can be helpful in consuming less energy, which also supports the green environment.
  • Durable, Detachable and good strength
  • Very quick delivery and completion.
  • G+1 or G+2 structures can also be provided if there is scarcity of land
  • These are completely free from corrosion and can withstand adverse weather conditions (All weather proof construction & maintenance free and termite resistant)
  • APCC offers the most convenient & economical solution for insulated School Building.
  • Require minimal man power with simple tools for installation
  • Customized design as per clients requirement & land availability.
  • Walls of different height, yet sturdy & strong construction.
  • Light weight panels which is easy to lift & erect at any height on the roof too for extension purpose.
  • Fixing of smoke detectors, fire fighting equipments, AC’s are easily possible for safety and better facilities.
  • These multi storey buildings are insulated resulting to higher energy savings and more comfort in adverse conditions due to insulation
  • Dry construction, Quick and easy to erect
  • Flexibility of expansion and re-location
  • Dismantle & Re-assemble easily without any cost loss (The structures are designed in such a way that they are easy to relocate and expand when required)
  • Fully recyclable at the end of its lifetime (Prefabricated School can be recycled again and again if required)
  • Affordable and under budget, you can save your big amount and efforts too.


You would probably want the strong reason why you should choose our manufacturing company. Our company can explain to you why you should buy a Prefab School Building from us. But here we are sharing a few of the primary reason why you should go for us without having a second thought. Let’s take a look a few main reasons why we are best for your business.

  • We are having the experienced team who implements the new technology and techniques to build the buildings as per your demand and always look for the comfortability of customer.
  • Price could be the big hurdle for you while buying the prefab buildings. APCC does charge you affordable rates for your requirements.
  • Fast and reliable delivery of manufactured material and also have the team to erect the structure too.
  • We offer the Production, design, Manufacture, and Installation so you don’t have to worry about anything. We work on the basis of quality products so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the buildings.
  • The best thing about our manufacture company is we deliver you the Prefabricated School Building as per your requirement and demanded design. You can choose and share your vision with us and we will confront it to you.
  • APCC takes care of everything about the classroom or school building’s required assets which is necessary for you


Furthermore, the material used by us in the making of the Walls of these Prefabricated School entirely depends on the client’s requirement, as we have a handful of resources as we deal in all types of Walls like PVC, PUFF, PPGI, AEOCON PANEL, BISON BOARD, SD wall, Rapicon , CF panel etc. All these walls are entirely constructed by incorporating water-resistant materials.

Another fantastic thing about these prefabricated school Building is that they can be moved from one place to another, If required. Construction of buildings is a time taking process. Whereas, In the case of such type of Prefabricated School, They are easy to be assembled and can be ready in a matter of hours in case of emergencies. They can be installed at almost any place with less labor work.


Prefabricated construction is becoming more common, improving in quality and has become available in a variety of budgets. Despite the perception of prefabrication, there are numerous benefits to this type of construction. This article assesses the advantages that prefabricated construction presents for both businesses and customers.

  • Reduced Construction time: When the foundation is being built in site, the structural members are simultaneously fabricated in industries. Since the erection time is also less it results in the early completion of the structure
  • Less Manpower at Site: Most of the work in a PEB construction is done in the industries thus the requirement of manpower at the site is very less comparatively
  • Reduction in Cost: Since both materials and manpower is minimized the overall cost of construction is reduced
  • Flexibility in Design: Modular construction can be easily be disassembled and relocated to different sites. This significantly reduces the demand for raw materials, minimizes expended energy and decreases time overall. The steel structural members are designed in software and is fabricated with machines, thus desired shape can be achieved without any compromise. Hence the PEB can be architecturally versatile
  • Scope for Future Expansion: Since bolted connections are only used, the length wise expansion in a PEB becomes more evident
  • Low Maintenance: Modern metal finishes and coatings will help the steel panels to resist corrosion, chemical attack etc., and also the steel surfaces can be easily repaired if damaged.
  • Seismic Resistance: The super structure made of steel is light in weight and flexible enough to offer greater resistance to seismic waves when compared to conventional concrete structures.Consistent Quality Since prefabricated construction occurs in a controlled manufacturing environment and follows specified standards, the sub-assemblies of the structure will be built to a uniform quality.
  • Consistent Quality: Since prefabricated construction occurs in a controlled manufacturing environment and follows specified standards, the sub-assemblies of the structure will be built to a uniform quality.
  • Reduced Site Disruption: Since many components of a building are completed in the factory, there is significantly less truck traffic, equipment and material suppliers around the final construction site. This limits the disruption of traditional jobsites that suffer from noise, pollution, waste and other common irritants.
  • Shorter Construction Time: Portable construction takes significantly less time to build than on-site construction. In many instances, prefabrication takes less than half the time when compared to traditional construction. This is due to better upfront planning, elimination of on-site weather factors, subcontractor scheduling delays and quicker fabrication as multiple pieces can be constructed simultaneously.
  • Safety: Since sub-assemblies are created in a factory-controlled environment utilizing dry materials, there is less risk for problems associated with moisture, environmental hazards and dirt. This ensures that those on the construction site, as well as a project’s eventual tenants are less likely to be exposed to weather-related health risks.
  • Final Thoughts: With the continued popularity of prefabricated construction, it is likely that it will only continue to grow in popularity. Customers who choose this option are able to enjoy a high quality, quicker, cost-effective, and eco-friendly construction method.